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I forgot to close my quotation marks. Please don't tell Simon.
Didn't know what a clothes horse was either.
I'm a total friends fag. I watch it every night before bed.

On Friendly porn In the blog Luna Tics
It's like 15 years or so ago. I was dutifully flossing my teeth when one of my molars just broke the hell off. I ended up having to get a crown. I was all, "Dammit, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do and this is how I'm rewarded?
I hear ya. It could also be water retention. Unfortunately I have the exact opposite problem.
I have nothing person-wise to contribute. I will just add that the street of our new house is called Buttesfield. But, Zillow had it listed as Buttsfield. As soon as I read the name, I knew we belonged in that house. The kids have been calling it Buttsfield ever since.
Does he not understand how Facebook works?
Actually, if anyone saw the video on their local news about a skier that fell off the lift and was dangling and passed out? That was the fiance of a teacher my husband works with. The interestibg part was that the guy who slack-lined over and saved him was a professional slack-liner. Who knew that was a thing? Also, I got up twice last night to pee, but I fall back to sleep quickly. Hope you get a nap today!

On Geriatric. In the blog Luna Tics
Mack Lovin has got to get soooooo many Superbad jokes thrown at him. If you want to annoy him, ask if he's from Hawaii.
Ah yes, Steve, I do indeed remember hearing the name Nicky Butt. The trouble is it doesn’t actually sound comical to a Brit. And now we all want to know what name Lerm would bestow on any daughter who might be lucky enough to have him as a father. Sheila would have been the standard at one time. I have a pair of distant relatives who live in Australia, a married couple; they are, incredibly enough, call Bruce and Sheila.