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Where I grew up, we had a roller staking rink with a hardwood floor, and in the middle, behind a railing, was a guy playing one of those.
You thought Mary had developed a thing for really big Australian beever
something about books bite, and business books doubley so. Which is why trained librarians and accountants exist.
For the record my answer was "no."
Is she cohabitating with someone? If so that's certainly good news for you. What if that cohabitation ends, does that put you on the hook again? I wonder how much the private detective industry had to pay Christie to make that a law? That's who benefits the most, because you now need people lurking in the dark to find out that info. But, it's good for you. Good luck!

On 95% Good News In the blog knifeboy
When I was growing up in Knoxville, the Bijou Theater downtown had one of those huge organs, and when my school went there to see - I forget what movie - they actually had a house organist playing when we got there. I didn't even know how cool that was at the time.
I'm working with one but she has a partner so all safe for now
Good news all around. Yay! I'm feeling hopeful for you, too. Have a great weekend, you!
I thought that was a really big beaver. :D