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I love you. <3 We need some pumpkin spice chloroform to help us sleep. Haha. I'm dying for some chocolate, but I nearly killed myself with two huge vanilla chai lattes today while writing. Those things have so much sugar in them, they could be used as hummingbird food. It's probably part of why I feel so shitty tonight.
Yeah, working full time sucks hard when dealing with insomnia. You just don't get much chance to catch up, and it does make any other health issues worse. So I really hope it resolves! Mine is stupid-people-stressing-me-out-right-at-bedtime-related. Hopefully I don't have any more of that for awhile! So proud of you for getting a lot of writing done! :) I sooooo hope you sleep & feel better soon!
Damn, I'm sorry, Lunes. I do love me some Ken Burns docs, though!
THANK YOU, best friend ever!!!!!!!! Oh, I wanted to ask you a 90 Camry question if you don't mind. My dad says that his 1975 Celica was super easy to replace the clutch on, because the transmission was light enough you could lift it right out. Can you ask if 90 Camry clutches are easy to replace by a shade-tree level mechanic (who can replace brakes, alternator, the basics)?
You should make you some of this:
On the up side, I am consoling myself this morning by watching a Ken Burns documentary on prohibition. I may even have some vodka in my coffee while doing so. Because I'm a sick fucking psycho.
Aw! Neither of my nieces ever did anything like that for me when I was looking after them when they were little. Mind you, they never attempted to use a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull to bite me with either. Sometimes my life seems so empty.
Cool, (had to run that trough a translator site as my writing/reading skills are rubbish) :)

On Emergence In the blog nightie
What the Hell is my country coming to?! :-(

On Busted! In the blog knifeboy
*Don't GIVE up hope!

On Emergence In the blog nightie