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BBC. Al Jazeera is pretty good. And here is a friendly guide:

On Trumped Out In the blog nightie
I agree with Steve. You punish the child, not the team. However, did she forget the jersey on purpose? Probably not. Unless this was something she did often, being unprepared, then I'm not sure I see a point in punishing for being forgetful. I make a point of being prepared for work, but on occasion shit gets forgotten. I don't get in trouble for it, other than it's my fault if it was something I needed for my days lesson and I now have to rearrange activities, find a substituting item, or change the days plans until I remember the item I forgot.
Haha! Even my 12-yr old nephew is a black belt! :-D
As if you'd had a few middle class apologists around for a debate on homo sexual design. Ugh! On the plus side; they'd love it in Montreal
Will anyone be tough again!
Oh, we've always let Suzy on the furniture so Luna's no different. They are family and want to snuggle :)
Steve, I have to say, I'm with you on this, but I know a lot of parents who are not. When my kids have gotten in trouble, etc., and they had already rsvp'd for something to do with other kids that was planned with a group (birthday party, etc.), that was off the table as punishment. I'd think of something else. I know plenty of parents who do not think this way, however, and don't mind punishing their kids in a way that affects the whole group. I'm not sure which is "right," but I always felt wrong keeping my kids from an activity where their absence would suck for other kids.
I imagine being part of the soccer team is voluntary, nevertheless, I was being facetious!
The army nearly always used collective punishment. It worked pretty well. But, then again when we started Hell Week (which was 7 weeks long when I was at Duntroon - false advertising) they used to run the platoon in formation until someone dropped out - then the rest of the platoon would have to run around them as they kept staggering forward. Eventually they'd end up shitting themselves and falling over; then they'd run the platoon over the top of them (obviously the first rank could see where the body was - but, everyone else would kick or trip or step on them by accident) and they'd be so badly injured that they'd end up in at the Regimental Aid Post and ready for a snappy medical discharge. Maybe a good tip for your coach! They won't forget their uniform again! Born to Lead!
Sounds happy in your little part of the world

On Saturday :) In the blog LostChyld