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1: The Adventures of Lunchbag Rodriguez
By: kittenheel

2: DawgHouse (for Susan: NOT Dogpound)
By: Bulldog

3: knifeboy
By: knifeboy

4: Luna Ticks
By: lunamor

5: Matt will fix it
By: Evil Fury

6: Washboard Ass
By: silverwraith

7: Simon’s Ramblings
By: Simon

8: rockboy
By: Dirty Rock

9: Thanks for all the Fish
By: Dirty Rock

10: LostChyld
By: lostchyld

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From the Blog: Luna Ticks

From the Blog: knifeboy

From the Blog: knifeboy

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From the Blog: idoru2

From the Blog: fakebrunette

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Thank you Tina. You get me. You're my bud.
way to go! that is awesome

On Wow. In the blog Luna Ticks
Well, I mean Buzzfeed said accidental twats were the best kind, and it's based on hard scientific evidence, so ...
I'm an office twat too, Simon. Let's go staple some shit.
I should probably take it but I do gotta get some work done soon. Maybe in a bit. I don't think you're ANY kind of twat, but I suppose an accidental one is the best kind to be. 2016 ... it's like the child molesting serial killing last doughnut taker of years.
This sentence was too much for me: By treating ‘em mean and keeping ‘em keen. Please learn the difference between an opening quotation mark and an apostrophe. Thank you. And somehow I got ‘Office Twat’ despite never having worked in an office – though under the circumstances that’s probably just as well.
I too got Accidental Twat. I think Lermontov should take this quiz. Lerm, the link is:
2016 has exactly 3 weeks and 1 day left. Considering it's been dropping heaps of shit on us at a FAR quicker rate, I'm guessing we'll get at least one more piece of shitty news. I really think 2016 has it in her to do that. One last big gallon of gasoline on this dumpster fire of a year. Come on 2016, you can do it! Maybe you can kill off Betty White, or Jimmy Carter. Or hey....WHY NOT BOTH?