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Simon, if anyone on KCL has ever not needed to cite sources, it’s you. Your word is impeccable. And we know everything you claim is well researched.
On the subject of fraud, Boris Johnson recently provided us Brits with an amusing anecdote to tell our grandchildren. He announced in the House that crime had fallen by 14% for the year ending September 2021, showing how good the government was doing at cutting crime. But, as was very soon revealed, the actual figure showed that crime had RISEN by 14% in that period, and could only be said to have fallen by 14% if fraud were excluded. It was delightfully ironic that he seemed to be discounting fraud as a crime, given the fraudulent nature of his claim. I have to admire him. I think he may actually be a more accomplished liar than Donald Trump – and I realise that is no mean claim.
Jess, I have nothing against bluegrass. Ahem.
Jesus. That's a long damned time. Where do I go to beat the IRS into giving you your dolla-dolla bills?
I'm not the big bluegrass fan - David is. But Train, yes, I like them, and people who shit on other people's musical tastes are idiots because it's such a subjective thing. So I'm glad you're getting SMARTER, at least :P
I’m trying to imagine where identity thieves stand on the list of criminals compared to rapists, murderers, pedophiles, etc. Probably pretty high up.
Also let the record show that I did not shit on ANY of the bands that Jess is going to see. I’m trying to be a better person as I approach 50.
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